Finke Design Workshop

This project included: workshop design, development & delivery

In the small remote Indigenous community of Apatula (Finke), Primary School Students were engaged in a creative design workshop to celebrate 50 years of the Community. The two-day workshop was designed to focused on creative participation, storytelling and technology use, to design a new school sign for the community. Students learnt new techniques for unique expression, inspired by their local knowledge and community history.

The workshop program was designed and developed in conjunction with Finke School staff and was based within Participatory Action Research methodologies and embedded within Indigenous pedagogies.

Students engaged in a design brief and were introduced to creative tools and technology from a culture-centred perspective. Students had the opportunity to learn about their communities history, attain and share local design knowledge, and collaborate creatively with members of the community in an intensive and responsive workshop format.

Design gives students a voice and a sense of inclusion, confidence and pride in their School and community. Students also developed their visual confidence, communication skills and digital literacies.

The outcomes of the workshop will be revealed next year at the communities 50 year anniversary.