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Desert Drawing

‘Desert drawing: from pigment to (Apple) pencil’ was presented at the Design Research Society conference in Limerick 2018. This paper documents the early results of my PhD research project in communication design and design education in remote Australia. For the full paper see the DRS… Read More

Indigenous design history

My broad research work explores communication design and design education in remote Australia. As a non-Indigenous researcher, my work is concerned with how communication design and designers can work more ethically and respectfully in Australia. The first step was to look back at design history… Read More

Oxfam Design Framework

A framework for graphic designers working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and content within Oxfam Australia This framework was developed in June 2014 (while I was working in the Design Studio at Oxfam Australia) in conjunction with Oxfam Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Straight… Read More

Finke Design Workshop

This project included: workshop design, development & delivery In the small remote Indigenous community of Apatula (Finke), Primary School Students were engaged in a creative design workshop to celebrate 50 years of the Community. The two-day workshop was designed to focused on creative participation, storytelling and technology use, to design… Read More

Looking inward

The post below is based on a presentation given at the DRS 2016 in Brighton UK around inclusive design within a communication design context in Australia. Introduction It’s important to place myself within the research, firstly as a non-Indigenous Australian. As a nation we have… Read More


Under the umbrella of social change design, ModPod creative consultancy was born, in partnership with Ben Posetti. Working with numerous not-for-profits and charities to facilitate social and cultural change, these projects integrated branding and visual identity with digital strategy and communications.  From campaigns to promote conversations… Read More